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Feasts, Tournaments, and Weddings. Oh My!
"Less talking, more fighting." ~ Arturis

Who knew making it to a wedding could be so complicated?

It has been a long road for the adventurers ever since defeating the Barrows Witch and obtaining the cure to save Lady Ivers. After returning the ingredients to Hargrave’s maester, the group followed information that led them to a fort held by the Sentinels. It lay perilously close to the King’s Road, and the Northern terrorists could not be permitted to endanger the approaching King’s retinue. Using a side entrance, the adventurers decimated the fort’s inhabitants, setting fortifications ablaze and opening the gates to let the Rams of Hargrave march in and do what they do best.

With the Fort cleared and the King’s caravan safe, the heroes joined the column of lords, knights, sellswords, hedge knights, camp followers and more. The preceding days saw the group use all manner of tactics to slowly get them further and further ahead in the column. Stories were told, ale was consumed, and whores were bedded. All in all, a pretty good trip. Also, during their travels, the party would be joined by two new allies – Maester Wincent, apprentice Maester of Hargrave, and Ayers Flame, a Red Priest of R’hllor, who seemed to have an invested interest in Ser Arden.

Once the column reached Winterfell, the heroes were almost forbidden from entering the feast, thanks to Lord Tallhart remembering what happened when the group passed through Torrhen’s Square. The group eventually did make it inside and were able to enjoy the Northern hospitality of the Starks. During the feast, the heroes all had their own interaction with certain lords and ladies of Westeros, and once again, the ale did flow. But soon, it was time to return to Hargrave, for the wedding of Malcolm and Lady Celyne.

But first – A tournament! All manner of folk turned out for the Tournament at Hargrave to compete in a variety of events. Young Kieran Durant out shot the field to win the Archery contest (winning a golden arrow), the sellsword Arturis won out in the melee contest (earning an impressive set of Plate Mail armor), and Ser Arden earned a hard fought victory in the Joust (being awarded a stunning new war horse). When it came to the history… well, things got a little tense. Arranged by Ser Arden’s brother, Alric Ivers, The Tower of Joy reenactment saw our heroes take the roles of Ser Eddard Stark and his allies, while Frost and Ser Elson would portray Sers Oswell Whent and Gerald Hightower, and a random drunk take the role of Ser Arthur Dayne. This mummer’s farce was more than Arturis could stand, and vocally said the great Sword of the Morning deserved better representation, and when Alric denied his request, Arturis volunteered himself to portray the late Ser Dayne. Suffice it to say, the Maester’s had their work cut out for them putting Arturis and the others right again afterwards.

The day not yet done, Alric had one more surprise for his family – he had arranged marriages for his younger siblings, Arden and Astryd. They would both marry younger Lannisters – Arden would even get to choose between two (Lucky, Lucky!). They would need to head south to meet their betrothed just as soon as the wedding and feast were done.

Luckily, the wedding saw no further attempts on the life of Lady Celyne, and her and Malcolm Durant were wed, joining the Ivers and Durant households together. Gavan struggled with the choice of heading South to the world, and ultimately agreed when Kieran announced his intent to come along. Wincent would accompany Gavan with a fresh supply of bandages and Milk of the Poppy, Ayers Flame intended to follow Ser Arden, and Arturis’ contract was amended releasing him from the Lady’s Guard, but allowing him to remain (and continue to be paid) to keep Ser Aden safe on his travels. So, in all, the group remained together. The next day, Goodbyes were said, and the group headed South.

Their first stop was Barrowton, and the group was welcomed by Lady Dustin. See expressed surprise, after introductions, that young Kieran was with the group. They had received a Raven from Hargrave from Lord Malcolm, and it seemed to indicate that Kieran had in fact stayed behind. Before any further questions could be asked, ‘Kieran’ bolted from the hall and, once outside, blended quite masterfully into the crowd. Though Ayers was able to keep ‘Kieran’ close, they had no success find him. While interrogating the assembled mass of townsfolk, a young girl offered to show Arden where she’d seen ‘Kieran’ run off to. However, once alone, she dropped her disguise and revealed herself. She was not a little girl, nor was she Kieran, but a Faceless Servant of the Many-Faced God. She promised her loyalty to Ser Arden and asked for permission to join their group, also promising she would take any life he deserved to pay the Many Faced God. Knowing Gavan wouldn’t take the news well that someone had been masquerading as his brother, Arden introduced the woman as Dana, a rogue who wished to accompany them South.

The Barrowlands
Search for the Antidote

Clues from the battle at Hargrave lead the Ivers and Durants to the home of Miles Kent, the local tanner. There, they discover that aside from the arrow that struck Lady Celyne, she has also suffered the effects of a poison derived from the Frostweed plant, poison that had been applied to a bear skin cloak. After questioning Alia, a bar wench at the Resting Place, about Miles Kent, as well as talking with Maester Liam, the heroes are left with only one choice: Venture out to the Barrowlands, and attempt to learn the recipe to create an antidote for the Frostweed poison. But time is of the essence, for if they are not able to discover the antidote, the poison will freeze Lady Celyne from the inside out.

From both Alia and the bar tender of the Resting Place, the heroes learn about the supposed existence of a Barrows Witch – some believe her real, many believe her just to be a story used to scare children. Regardless, the party embarks out to the barrowlands, tracking the horses of two Hargrave men who abandoned the attack on the Ivers welcoming party. For two days, Arturis tracks the horses as far as he is able, and the party comes across one of many crypts out in the barrows. While investigating, they accidentally set off a booby trap of Greycap gas – meant to ward off grave robbers – but are able to escape the crypt without incident.

That night, while the party camps out outside the crypt, they are attacked by a group of 8 Sentinels – bandits who prey upon non-Northerners. Arturis was on watch, and along with Ser Arden, they are able to fight off the attackers, though Arden, Mardric, and Gavan suffer grievous injuries without their armor. The two remaining Sentinels attempt to claim Gavan as a hostage, but Arden is able to talk them down, and they flee. Arturis kills one and runs down the other, capturing him as a hostage. With assistance, the heroes are able to mount up and make haste back to Hargrave to treat their wounded.

While Arturis and Ser Elson interrogate their new prisoner, Maester Liam does his best to heal the party’s wounds, and informs them that time is running out. An antidote must be found immediately, or Lady Celyne will be lost. While Gavan unsuccessfully asks his father to send more men with them, Arden is able to convince young Kieran to join them on the mission. A week after returning to Hargrave, the heroes set out once more for the barrowlands.

Following information gained from the prisoner, the heroes know where the Barrows witch crypt lies, and make haste to its location. The first night out, they encounter a group of malnourished men seeking shelter inside a crypt, and Ser Arden fools them into thinking that there was a crypt of food several miles back to the East. Duped by the deception, the men hurry off to find the crypt.

While continuing through the barrowlands, the party is set upon by a abnormal flock of crows. Though they attempt to hide inside a crypt, the birds attack both Arden and Gavan, though they are quickly scared away. The group nears the location of the Barrows witch’s crypt, but while making camp one night, the party all experience separate, terrible nightmares, and wake up simultaneously to find someone approaching. The figure, all in white and accompanied by 5 large white direwolves, tells them she is the Pale Witch. The Barrows Witch was once part of the witches counsel, but was removed due to her war against all those from the South. The Pale witch warns of the dangers ahead, but when the heroes will not budge from their mission, the Pale Witch uses her powers to take the party immediately to the crypt of the Barrows witch, which has a tree above the entrance – a tree that does not possess leaves, but severed human heads, who have had their eyes gouged out.

Inside the crypt, Mardric discovers a torture chamber, along with several scrolls that reference the witch, and the Northerners’ reluctance at serving her. In a room that appears to be a religious sanctum, comprised of benches and a strange alter, the heroes are attacked by a group of seemingly reanimated corpses. After the corpses are put down – again – the party is joined by Lady Astryd, while Arturis is able to find a lever which reveals a secret door, leading into a dug-out portion of the crypt. In one room, they find wall carvings depicting men bowing before a woman, light shooting from her hands. Astryd is able to read the runes on the wall as well, written in the Old Tongue. Using one of the scrolls Mardric found, they activate a dial which opens a door to the witch’s chambers.

The witch ‘welcomes’ the party, mocking both the Ivers and the Durants, and uses her powers to resurrect the corpses of 4 knights who immediately attack. The efforts take their toll on the witch, who collapses on the floor, and is injured by arrows from young Kieran. However, she soon joins the fight as well. The battle rages until Arturis is able to land a killing blow on the Barrows witch, causing the reanimated corpses to collapse and rest once again. After a quick search of the witch’s chambers, Astryd takes several books with her, while Arden is able to find both a recipe for the antidote, as well as the necessary ingredients for it’s creation.

Their mission finally complete, the heroes make haste back to Hargrave, praying they’re not too late…

The arrival of the Ivers

After a long journey from Reveler’s Hall, Lady Celyne Redwine arrives at Hargrave with her entourage, including her younger two children, Ser Arden Ivers, Astrid Ivers, and their bodyguard, Arturis. They enter the keep of Hargrave, where the Durants are arrayed, Celyne’s intended, The Lord Malcolm Durant, with his children Gavan, Keiran, Aiden and Elsye, along with their best warrior, Forst, the castle artisan, Maudric and Maestr Liam, and all of their guards. As Lady Celyne approaches Lord Malcom, a traitorous guard shoots Lady Celyne in the chest.
Reacting instantly, Malcom throws Celyne to Forst, who takes her into the keep. Ser Arden moves to protect his sister, and Maidric takes her to the stable. Elsye, Aiden and Maester Liam move into the keep. Meanwhile, more sentries begin to attack. Arturis detects which one of them is the leader an shouts to the archers Keiran manages to shoot the man in the chest and kill him. Gavan protects his brother, but as the battle engages, Keiran is injured.
The traitors are defeated, but Celyne as been poisoned by the arrow that struck her and has taken ill, and Maester Liam’s herbcraft is not enough to save her. Keiran goes to his room to heal from his injuries from the battle.
Arturis searches the body of the commander of the traitorous sentries and finds a sigil- a tree with eyes for leaves.

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