Bastard Sellsword


Age: 25
Gender: Male
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Dark Blue/Purple


  • Agility – 3
  • Animal Handling – 2 (1B Ride)
  • Athletics – 4 (2B Strength)
  • Awareness – 4
  • Cunning – 3
  • Deception – 3
  • Endurance – 4
  • Fighting – 5 (1B Axes, 3B Long Blades)
  • Healing – 1
  • Marksmanship – 2 (1B Thrown)
  • Persuasion – 3
  • Status – 3
  • Survival – 3
  • Will – 3
  • Knowledge, Language, Stealth, Thievery, Warfare – 2


  • Intrigue Defense – 10
  • Composure – 9


  • Combat Defense – 10
  • Health – 12
  • Armor – Splint
  • * Armor Rating – 8
  • * Armor Penalty – -3
  • * Bulk – 2


  • Blood of the Rhoyne
  • Armour Mastery
  • Weapon Mastery (Bastard Sword)
  • Bastard Born

From birth, the life of a Bastard of Westeros is destined to be fraught with hardships. Believed by many to be the product of lies and treachery, Bastards are thought only to be capable of no good. Yet, the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros are home to countless Bastards, born from all walks of life.

Born in 275 AL to a servant woman in the Red Keep of King’s Landing, Arturis never new the identity of his father, and might have lived his life as just another of the countless bastards of King’s Landing, had it not been for one fateful encounter. His mother having died in childbirth, Arturis was raised in an Orphanage until the age of 5, until one afternoon, while walking the streets of King’s Landing, Arturis came across three older boys attacking a younger boy and his sister, bullying and demanding they hand over any coin or food they had in their possession. Coming to their defense, Arturis was able to fight off the three bullies until the scuffle was broken up by members of the City Watch. The skirmish was witnessed by Ser Arthur Dayne, who had been on his way back to the Red Keep. Impressed with the boy’s bravery and courage, Arthur Dayne took Arturis as his squire.

Arturis served as Ser Dayne’s squire for 3 years, and one of the many things the knight taught the boy was the art of the sword. In 281 AL, Arturis traveled with his master to the Tourney at Harrenhal. Prince Rhaegar won the day as Champion, but it was his interest in Lady Lyanna Stark that would change Arturis’ future.

The following year, with the assistance of Arthur Dayne, Prince Rhaegar abducted Lyanna from King’s Landing, and ordered her taken South to the Tower of Joy. The Prince’s actions, however, had dire consequences. In response to the abduction of Lyanna, and the brutal murders of Brandon and Rickard Stark, Houses Baratheon, Stark, and Arryn’s flags rose in rebellion against the crown.

Arturis was not allowed to accompany Ser Dayne to the Tower of Joy, and was ordered back to King’s Landing until the rebellion was put down. Arturis returned to King’s Landing as Prince Rhaegar was marshaling his royalist army North to meet the rebels at the Trident. As the history books tell, Rhaeger was defeated in combat by Robert Baratheon, and Eddard Stark marched the rebel forces towards King’s Landing, but Lord Tywin Lannister and his army arrived first. King Aerys opened the city gates to the crimson army, in what would be the last mistake he would ever make. The king was stabbed in the back, quite literally, by Jaime Lannister of the Kingsguard, and the Lannister army brutally sacked the city. Knowing it was death to be caught by the forces of the enemy, Arturis gathered what he could – namely whatever gold he could find, the clothes on his back, and his sword, and made his escape, managing to slip out through the sewers in the chaos and confusion.

Before he could head South to rejoin Ser Dayne, word began to spread that the last three of the Kingsguard had been defeated at the Tower of Joy – Arthur Dayne was dead. Arturis had no choice but to strike out on his own. Stowing away aboard a ship, Arturis crossed the Narrow Sea and began to make his living amongst the Free Cities, taking what jobs he could – legitimate or otherwise. After some time, Arturis’ talents attracted the attention of the Golden Company, and after proving his worth, he was accepted into the fold. The following years past by with little consequence as a sellsword – Arturis did his duties, and always sought knowledge from the more experienced mercenaries in the Company.

Thirteen years (296 AL) after escaping King’s Landing, Arturis once again set foot on the soil of Westeros, and continued his work as a sellsword, earning gold when and where he could.

In 298 AL, Arturis proved his worth to Ser Elson Everette and briefly joined the guardsmen of House Ivers on their journey to the North, secretly wishing to find out the full details of what happened to his former master at the Tower of Joy, so many years before.

Armed with a Bastard Sword and a Battleaxe, Arturis is near unmatched with a blade, and his loyalty, once given, is without reproach – so long as the gold is good.

Arturis’ latest business venture began when he signed a contract with House Ivers of Reveler’s Hall to be a part of their House Guard as Lady Celyne Ivers journeyed North to meet her new would-be-husband. Arturis developed a bit of a rapport with several of the other guard during the six week journey to Hargrave, especially the young knight Kristoph.

When the welcoming party was attacked at Hargrave and Lady Ivers gravely wounded, Arturis was caught as unaware as the rest. However, he quickly put his best abilities to use as he dove into the fray in order to protect the Ivers twins, Arden and Astryd. Knowing that his hopes of continued steady pay would drop dramatically should Lady Celyne perish, Arturis has thrown his full efforts into discovering who was responsible for the attack, and ensuring they receive a healthy dose of the god’s justice.


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