Gavan Durant

Heir to Hargrave


Age: 16- Born in 280 AC
Gender: Male
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue

At first glance, the young heir to Hargrave takes strongly after his father. Stockily built, with flaming red hair and a brash, proud nature. Indeed, Gavan has spent most of his life trying to emulate Malcom, who, until the death of his mother he regarded as more of a heroic figure than a parent.

Gavan was born several months after Malcom left for Robert’s Rebellion to the Lady Maggie on a clear spring morning, and Hargrave was happy to have such a healthy young child as it’s heir. Gavan was mainly raised by his mother, without too much interference from Lord Durant himself, and he strove to be as like his father as he could. Gavan learned to fight and wrestle with great zeal, and was always getting into fights with other boys in town. Since his second brother, Keiran was never one for rough-housing, Gavan found a group of boys in town that he could play with. Mostly, they pretended to be Rams, and since he was Malcom’s son, Gavan always got to be Malcom in their games. He also decided who could be Northmen, and who had to play the role of King Arys and his forces. Most of the other boys found this arrangement logical, and if they objected, Gavan would send them home with a black eye. Gavan also took great pleasure in sword training with Forst.
Gavan’s other passion from an early age was hawking. His father and Forst took him out hawking for the first time when he was 9, and by age 10 he had absorbed almost everything there was to know about the sport. His teachers grumbled that if he would spend half as much time focused on his studies as he did watching birds kill small animals, that he’d be the Grand Maester by now. Finally, for his 12th name day, his mother gave him the most precious thing he had ever owned. A red-tailed hawk of his very own. Gavan wanted to name her “Lyanna,” after Lyanna Stark, but Maggie thought that would be disrespectful, so he choose “Lady Lyn” instead. Within a year, he and Lyn were inseparable, and he was, miraculously, able to train her to hunt for him almost perfectly, so much so that the more superstitious among the peasantry whispered that he was a sorcerer of some kind.
Of his siblings, Gavan always most favored his young sister, Elsye. He was always extremely protective of her, and she would shudder with disgust and delight as he told her the gruesome stories he had heard about war or the time that he beat a rival bloody. He took great pleasure in passing down whatever he knew to Aiden, but Keiran was so quiet and distant, that Gavan has never really understood him.
One day, only a few months after he finished training his hawk, Gavan planned to go out hawking by himself, when his father insisted that Keiran come along. Worried that Keiran had a mental problem because of how quiet and unassuming he was, Malcom thought that some fresh air would be good for the boy. Gavan resented his brother’s presence, though, and when Keiran couldn’t keep up, he was soon left behind. Gavan presumed that Keiran turned back to Hargrave, but that night, as a terrible snowstorm kicked up, Keiran was nowhere to be found. Gavan received the worst beating of his life from his father, but thankfully, Keiran was found, almost 2 days later, half dead. Keiran eventually recovered, but Gavan has never forgiven himself for nearly letting his brother die and secretly resolved to keep his siblings safe thereafter.
Gavan’s unshakable faith in his father began to deteriorate in his teenage years, and he saw that his father often refused to deal with matters in Hargrave himself, preferring to delegate to his inferiors. Gavan started to realize the weight of his responsibility as the future lord of Hargrave, and began to take his studies (a bit) more seriously. He still put aside quite a bit of time to practice combat and hawking, however, and now he was spending more and more time pursuing the girls, particularly Annie, the miller’s lovely blonde haired daughter.
When he was 15, his beloved mother, the Lady Maggie contracted pneumonia. His father Malcom dealt with the situation mainly by drinking and keeping busy, and even Gavan found it difficult to deal with her sickness and death. Only Elsye was able to stay with Lady Maggie until her death.
Gavan did manage to visit his mother the night before she died. Her last words to him are etched into his mind- “Take care of your brothers and sisters.”
Gavan has heeded her last words, and is currently resolved to become a responsible and strong leader of Hargrave. His primary concerns are the glory, honor, and above all- well being of his people, especially his younger siblings. He sees himself as their protector, from the world, and from Malcom’s wrath. He intends to be a strong, practical lord. His greatest wish is to be respected by his people and feared by his enemies.

(To be continued…)

Agility 2
Animal Handling 3 1B Ride 1B Train
Athletics 3
Awareness 2
Cunning 3
Deception 2
Endurance 3
Fighting 4 1B Long blades
Healing 2
Language 3
Knowledge 2
Marksmanship 2
Persuasion 3
Status 5 1B Breeding 1B Stewardship
Stealth 2
Survival 3
Thievery 1
Warfare 4 1B Command
Will 3
Qualities: Heir, Animal Companion, Third Eye, Honor-Bound


Gavan Durant

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