Ser Arden Ivers

Anointed Knight, Heir to Reveler's Hall



Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Green


  • Agility: 3
  • Animal Handling: 3 1B Ride
  • Athletics: 3
  • Awareness: 3
  • Cunning: 3
  • Deception: 3
  • Endurance: 3
  • Fighting: 4 1B Long Blades 1B Spears
  • Healing: 1
  • Language: 3
  • Knowledge: 3
  • Marksmanship: 2
  • Persuasion: 4 2B Charm 1B Seduce
  • Status: 5 1B Breeding
  • Stealth: 2
  • Survival : 2
  • Thieving: 2
  • Warfare: 3
  • Will: 3 1B Dedication


  • Defense: 11
  • Composure: 9


  • Defense: 4
  • Health: 9
  • Armor: Half-Plate
  • Armor Rating: 9
  • Armor Penalty: -5
  • Bulk: 3


  • Heir
  • Sponsor
  • Anointed Knight
  • Haughty
  • Pampered

Arden Ivers was born to Lord Royce Ivers and Lady Celyne Ivers (previously Redwyne) in the year 280 AL. He was the third born (second son, twin to middle child and only daughter Astryd Ivers). With his older brother Alric Ivers destined to be heir to Reveler’s Hall (and much more interested in numbers and facts, than swords and shields) Arden was given to his mother’s second eldest brother Ser Morgan Redwyne as a page, with the hopes of knighthood. On the day he left Reveler’s Hall for the Arbor, Arden’s father comforted his scared little boy by confessing how much he looked forward to the day they would ride out into the Mummer’s Masquerade Melee together, both representing the honor and glory of House Ivers.

Arden spent his youth at the Arbor, training with his cousins Horas and Hobber Redwyne in the ways of swordplay, jousting, and the ways of court. The Redwyne twins treated Arden with general indifference, at least until Arden’s charm and way with girls made him a hero in their eyes and made them subordinates in his. Even though they were separated from each other at such an early age, the bond between Arden and Astryd never faltered. Between seeing each other at family gatherings (including the Mummer’s Masquerade) and messages sent by raven once they learned to write, their connection and friendship was as deep as Blackwater Bay. In the short amount of time they spent together they managed all kinds of mischief. Their most recent escapades have involved a new game they invented. Astryd would pick out a girl (preferably a maiden) and Arden would seduce them.

While his relationship with Astryd was only made stronger with distance and time, it was not the same with his elder brother Alric. Alric, being 10 years older than his twin siblings, wanted very little to do with them in their youth. He was always so serious, never really showing any spirit at the Mummer’s Masquerade and would much rather spend time studying with Maester Gerrick.

While Arden’s parent’s marriage was forged to strengthen the alliance between their houses, Lord Royce and Lady Celyne were so well suited to each other, you would believe they married for love. Lord Royce was tall and gallant, with a wit as sharp as his bastard sword. Everything he did, he did with bravado. When his bravado became too brash, Celyne was there to knock him down a page with a well placed quip or jab at her dear husband’s expense (tongue firmly planted in her cheek, naturally). Their laughter and love filled Reveler’s Hall with a light that could be seen from Oldtown to King’s Landing, which is why the land seemed forever dimmer after Lord Royce’s untimely death.

It was a year ago, during the tourney melee at the Mummer’s Masquerade. Arden was riding his uncle Morgan’s banner as his squire. Between bouts with challengers, Arden caught sight of his father, riding feverishly through crowds of competitors, knocking them from their saddles, and laughing his loud booming laugh. Then it happened. Something spooked his horse, causing the horse to rear and buck, throwing Lord Royce from his seat. When he landed he landed on his head, snapping his neck. Arden watching the entire accident happen.

After his father’s death, Arden returned to the Arbor with his uncle to complete his training. It hurt him to leave his mother and sister in their grief (his brother seemed to be doing just fine, stepping into the Lordship without skipping a beat or shedding a tear), but he knew this is what his father would want. Seeing the toll his father’s death was taking on Arden, Ser Morgan (who had always been firm and fair, but distant with the boy) took up the mantle of paternity and kept Arden focused. With this newfound support and love from his mentor, Arden flourished. His skill with longsword and lance improved dramatically, his riding became as natural as walking. He even spent what extra time he found learning to use a bastard sword, so that one day he may wield his father’s weapon into battle. His hard work and dedication paid off and he was knighted three months later.

Arden stood his vigil alone, barefoot, and clothed in only a shift (as is tradition). His sword and armor, which he had crafted by the blacksmith at Reveler’s Hall, lay at the feet of the statue of the Warrior. When dawn arrived, he made the ceremonial procession from the Sept to the Arbor’s Great Hall, where awaited many of the lords and knights of the Reach, his uncle, and his family. As he passed them he saw his brother, dressed in his finest silks, looking every part the lord and bored out of his mind. His sister was there, attending to their still grieving mother. Even on this happy day, she looked pale and drawn, almost frozen in her mourning, like a wax figure. Arden feared she would never recover from his father’s death. As he reached the stairs to the dais of the Great Hall Arden knelt, bowing his head in prayer as the Septon began the ceremony. After his knighting, Arden went back to Reveler’s Hall to be with his family. And so life was at Reveler’s Hall. Arden was now an anointed knight, but all prosperous summers must fall. This one fell upon the eve of the Mummer’s Masquerade, one year after Lord Royce’s death.

Alric has announced that he has arranged a marriage for their widowed mother. She is to be wed to Malcom Durant, Lord of Hargrave. Hargrave is a Northern Hall known for it’s trade of blue diamonds. Despite Arden’s fervent protests, he and Astryd are charged with accompanying their mother to this Northern wasteland. To add insult to injury, they are schedule to leave the day of the Tourney, thus denying Arden the chance to participate and see his father’s dreams come to fruition.

The trek from Reveler’s Hall to Hargrave took them up the Roseroad, into King’s Landing (where much to Arden’s chagrin they only stayed one night) before departing on one of his Uncle’s ships to White Harbor. From there they were to arrive into Hargrave by carriage. They were accompanied by their Household Guard, lead by Ser Elson Everette. Ser Elson was a man in his 40s, white etching its way into his short blonde hair, of solid build, and although you knew through the years that his shield arm was not what it used to be he was a sturdy knight the way young boys imagined them to be. The trip was as uninteresting as the surrounding landscape. That is until the bandits attacked.

The carriage and it’s entourage were ambushed in the middle of the night, less than a days ride from Hargrave by what appeared to be a group of bandits who abhor Southerners. Despite having the element of surprise, they were quickly dispatched by Ser Arden, Ser Elson, and the rest of the Household Guard, losing 2 guardsman and 2 attendants in the process. Ser Arden claimed 5 kills, eviscerating a few bandits and decapitating one poor soul. One guardsman, Daven Morris, who was to be knighted upon our arrival to Hargrave slew 10 bandits before they overwhelmed him and claimed his life. With Arden’s permission, Ser Elson saw the man set upon his horse until we reached Hargrave and then had his body sent home for a proper burial, along with a letter of commendation from Ser Arden recounting his heroic deeds. If only that were the most tragic thing to happen upon their arrival.

As the two families met for the first time in the courtyard of Hargrave, an arrow lodged itself in the chest of Lady Celyne…another ambush, this one much more clever than the last. After dispatching these assassins and getting his mother inside, they discovered not only had she been shot, but the arrow was laced with a poison derived from the Frostweed plant, freezing her from the inside out. If they were to save Lady Celyne, time was of the essence.

After questioning local townsfolk, including one clingy barmaid, Ser Arden and his entourage (Lady Astryd, Arturis-A mercenary from the Ivers’ Household Guard, Gavan Durant-Malcom’s eldest son, and Maudric-an artisan from Hargrave) uncovered the myth and rumors of the Barrows Witch. After a run in with Greycap gas and a group of bandits who Arturis and Arden deftly defeated by using every bit of their surroundings to their advantage (only suffered minor injuries-the others were not so skilled) the group had to take a week to recover. Ser Arden could see they could use some more fire power and expertly convinced Kieran Durant, Malcom’s second son, to join the party. Once healed, the new party left with renewed ferver, knowing Lady Celyne could wait no longer. They encountered a group of destitute beggars, who Ser Arden diplomatically overcame, an attack from a hostile flock of birds, bone chilling nightmares of loved ones engulfed in flames, and an encounter with the Pale Witch and her 5 white direwolves. With her help the group discovered the location of the Barrows Witch. After dealing with her secret doors, riddles, and army of the walking dead, the Barrows Witch was defeated and the antidote to the poison recovered. Ser Arden only hopes that it is not too late, for if Alric thinks he sent his family up here to die…he has another thing coming.

Ser Arden Ivers

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