An RPG of Ice and Fire

The arrival of the Ivers

After a long journey from Reveler’s Hall, Lady Celyne Redwine arrives at Hargrave with her entourage, including her younger two children, Ser Arden Ivers, Astrid Ivers, and their bodyguard, Arturis. They enter the keep of Hargrave, where the Durants are arrayed, Celyne’s intended, The Lord Malcolm Durant, with his children Gavan, Keiran, Aiden and Elsye, along with their best warrior, Forst, the castle artisan, Maudric and Maestr Liam, and all of their guards. As Lady Celyne approaches Lord Malcom, a traitorous guard shoots Lady Celyne in the chest.
Reacting instantly, Malcom throws Celyne to Forst, who takes her into the keep. Ser Arden moves to protect his sister, and Maidric takes her to the stable. Elsye, Aiden and Maester Liam move into the keep. Meanwhile, more sentries begin to attack. Arturis detects which one of them is the leader an shouts to the archers Keiran manages to shoot the man in the chest and kill him. Gavan protects his brother, but as the battle engages, Keiran is injured.
The traitors are defeated, but Celyne as been poisoned by the arrow that struck her and has taken ill, and Maester Liam’s herbcraft is not enough to save her. Keiran goes to his room to heal from his injuries from the battle.
Arturis searches the body of the commander of the traitorous sentries and finds a sigil- a tree with eyes for leaves.



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